Demo 2013

by Under Bad Eyes

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Gravado no Estúdio Passagem de Som em Fevereiro e Março de 2013.


released March 1, 2013

Voice - Gordinho
Guitar - João
Bass - Ju
Drums - Bruninho



all rights reserved


Under Bad Eyes Curitiba, Brazil

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Track Name: Zooey D. has a message for you
People change.
Feelings change.
It doesnít mean that love
once shared was not true and real.
It simply just means that sometimes
When people grow
they grow apart.
I hate this part
Track Name: Damn Clarity
Only now you realize that we are fucked.
We went through all these doors
Refusing one by one
What remained was this void
Turning back doesn't make any fucking sense
We had every chance in this journey
God, money - No
Great illusions - No, thanks
We prefer this damn clarity.
Yeah! I know despite everything that I discovered
What remained was this void
Turning back doesn't make any fucking sense
Track Name: Kids like us have no future
Mind full of these songs about dissatisfaction
but I would be a blind man
If I sung about how life is good and work is glorious
Yeah! You Know
I cant go this way
We are no longer children on summer vacation
Kids like us
have no future
We are fucked
We fucked up
All the ways that you give me
We fucked up all these ways
Track Name: This is about you spinning arms
It makes you feel better than I?
You're just creating another place where violence excludes
I will not accept it!
I will not respect that!
Beatdown Sucks. Fuck You!
Track Name: A pessimistic song
I don't feel confortable to say this for you but look around man.
I think that we lose.

Give me a reason to write another song.

Bands are just bands.
Basements are just places.
And you are a memory.
Track Name: I'll find a better name for it later (procrastination)
I carry more than 3 tons of tiredness in my chest
It leaves me a little over two hours to sleep.
Wrong metrics, compensation confusing.
Everything changes so fast in my life
I always do what i shouldnt be doing.